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Join for three days packed with talks, workshops, hacking, mapping parties and meetings all around OpenStreetMap.

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Day one
Mapping for Resilience: Turning Data into Decisions Carrie Stokes, USAID
The NYC Space/Time Directory: A data driven time machine Matthew Knutzen, The New York Public Library NYPL Labs & Map Division
The Map That Never Sleeps Richard Fairhurst,
Mapping Motor Sports Venues Past and Present Richard Welty, Averill Park Networking
Wikidata for mappers Andy Mabbett
OpenStreetMap for Climate and Crisis John Crowley, Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team
The paid mappers are coming Alex Barth, Mapbox
OpenTrails Jereme Monteau, Trailhead Labs
When Data Doesn't Belong in OSM: The Land Tenure Use Case Kate Chapman, Cadasta Foundation
Cycling Directions with OpenStreetMap and OSRM Lauren Budorick, Mapbox
Building Tom Hughes
Quality Route Guidance Duane Gearhart, Mapzen
Running - Operations Grant Slater, OpenStreetMap Foundation
OpenStreetMap Carto Andy Allan
Introduction to Quality Assurance Wade Crump
Crossroads: Dissecting the construction of OpenStreetMap in a small mid American city Sterling Quinn, The Pennsylvania State University
3 years of OSM Buildings Jan Marsch, OSMBuildings
Osmose QA Frédéric Rodrigo, OpenStreetMap France
A Statistical Analysis of OpenStreetMap Nicholas Marinakis and Erez Cohen, Mapsense
Vector Rendering Panel Panel
Lightning Talks Saturday Various
OpenStreetMap in High school Shawn Goulet, Cape Cod Commission
State of the Geocoder Harish Krishna, Rahul Maddimsetty, Mapzen & Foursquare Labs
Tracing patterns of growth and maintenance in OpenStreetMap Alan McConchie, Stamen Design
Education in a changing GIS landscape Britta Ricker, University of Washington Tacoma
Tickling locals into action Minh Nguyễn, Mapbox
Missing Maps Drishtie Patel, American Red Cross
Systematically improving OpenStreetMap with To-Fix Aaron Lidman, Mapbox
How Sausages are Made Jochen Topf
OpenStreetMap at Peace Corps Courtney Clark, Peace Corps
Less Bots, More Humans: Using MapRoulette to Import Data Jim McAndrew, National Park Service
Improving Diversity in OpenStreetMap Kathleen Danielson, Mapzen, OSMF
OpenStreetMap at the United Nations Akiko Harayama, UN OCHA
When will Mexico be navigable on OpenStreetMap? Miriam Gonzalez and Andres Ortiz, Telenav
The State of the Map Various
Editing OpenStreetMap with Mapillary Jan Erik Solem, Mapillary
OpenStreetMap Software for More than OpenStreetMap Sajjad Anwar, Mapbox
Your Neighbour is Mapping Heather Leson & Ivan Gayton, Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team & Médecins Sans Frontières
OpenStreetMap as a platform Olaf Veerman, Development Seed
Map tracing for #millennials Paul Mach, Strava
OpenHistoricalMap Tech Changes to the OpenStreetMap Stack Tim Waters, OpenHistoricalMap
Lightning Talks Sunday Various
OpenMapKit Dale Kunce, Red Cross
Maptime Beth Schechter & Lyzi Diamond, Stamen Design & Mapbox
Esri and Government Andrew Turner, Esri
Getting OpenStreetMap into schools with GeoBadges Elizabeth Lyon, GeoBadges
Some OpenStreetMap Futures Andy Allan

Birds of a Feather sessions

Parallel to talks there will be an opportunity to grab one of three meeting rooms to hold an informal Birds of a Feather session. These sessions can be scheduled at the conference at the morning of each day. We'll have a whiteboard ready for you to get your topic up!

Mon June 8

Hack day 9AM - 5PM

This event takes place on the NYU campus.

On Monday we'll get hands on with creating software and mapping. Head over to the conference wiki to share what you'd like to work on. Note that the TeachOSM workshops and the Maptime summit require separate registration on their respective web sites. For all other activities, the regular State of the Map US registration has you covered.

  • OpenStreetMap Workshops getting you started on OpenStreetMap software
  • Software and documentation sprint - get together and improve OpenStreetMap
  • Map New York city - learn how to survey with OpenStreetMap
  • Missing maps mapping party - learn OpenStreetMap and help map the world
  • Maptime summit - the annual gathering of all existing and future Maptime organizers (requires separate registration)
  • Teacher Workshops by TeachOSM - OpenStreetMap for educators (requires separate registration)

Everybody welcome

We're striving to make State of the Map US a friendly, safe and productive environment for everyone - all attendees agree to adhere to our code of conduct.