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Ten years ago, in OpenStreetMap’s first summer, a few hardy souls were pounding the streets of London with Garmin GPSs, notepads and Dictaphones in hand.

Today? We’re still hardy souls. But now there are two million of us.

In a colourful narrative, Richard Fairhurst relates the story of OpenStreetMap through its people and the places they map - one map, thousands of stories. And keeping individual contributions at the heart of OSM, he looks to the future and explains how the smartphone age means that everyone can be a surveyor, in every country, at every time of day - the map that never sleeps.

Richard has been involved in OpenStreetMap since its fourth month, developed the online editors Potlatch and Potlatch 2, kickstarted the new editor iD, and built OpenStreetMap’s new routing interface.

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