Panel 45min


This panel highlights the adoption of OpenStreetMap in US government and explores opportunities and challenges. The panel aims to instigate debate, thought and dialogue on the following questions:

  1. Adoption rate factors. Exploring the differing incentives and deterrents between the sectors, such as geographic area, data licenses, culture, risk, data requirements…
  2. Advancing government’s role as a contributing member of the OpenStreetMap community.
  3. Understanding the benefits and challenges of government and community based collaboration.
  4. Climbing the mountain of legal issues. What it will require from both sides.
  5. Investigating technical solutions, such as SpiderOSM, to facilitate government and OpenStreetMap data improvements and maintenance bringing benefits to all sectors.
  6. Data constraints: Why centerlines can’t cut the requirements for government anymore.
  7. Geocoding: Solutions, techniques, alternatives. Why you can’t fit a big foot in a small shoe. Multi solutions are necessary, but can learn from collaborating and looking for areas to overlap.

Alyssa Wright Mapzen / OpenStreetMap US will lead through the panel. Panelists:

  • Bibiana McHugh – IT and GIS manager at TriMet, Portland, OR
  • Colin Reilly - Director of GIS of New York City
  • Barbara Poore - former research geographer at USGS
  • Holly Krambeck - Senior Transportation Economist, World Bank

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