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How do you generate quality route guidance given the inconsistencies within the OpenStreetMap dataset? Fear not! We have ODIN, an Open Directions and Improved Narrative workflow that will save the day. A quality set of directions is more than just a long list of road names and turns, many of which are nothing more than continue instructions. ODIN will transform path information into real guidance and narrative directions to assist users during their trip. The improved narrative is succinct, easy, and useful. ODIN collapses maneuvers using common base street names and simplifies transitions at complex intersections. Exit and directional information on highways removes ambiguity at key decision points. Guidance and route explication must be tailored to different languages so extensibility and community contribution are key.

ODIN will pave the way for a higher quality narrative on a global platform making OpenStreetMap offerings competitive in a market that is dominated by commercial companies. Once successful - and such a narrative emanates from the union of OpenStreetMap data and open code - then this proven result will act as an incentive for contributors going forward.

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