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OpenTrails is an open data standard for parks and recreation. It was developed by Code for America in collaboration with park agencies at all levels of government, non profits, private companies and the OpenStreetMap community. It includes interoperability with OpenStreetMap and new tools exist for making it easy to create and publish this data so that citizens and agencies can work together to improve OpenStreetMap for park visitors.

We’ll cover the details of how OpenTrails translates to OpenStreetMap and hope to have some stories to tell about using an open source tool called TrailEditor to create OpenTrails data and publish it to OpenStreetMap. We will also cover how park agencies can collaborate with each other and the public to create OpenTrails data that can be published to OpenStreetMap. We will consider future directions of OpenTrails and how it can continue to foster open data for parks and recreation in general and contribution to OpenStreetMap specifically. OpenTrails is an exciting example of a focused use case for open data and OpenStreetMap as a source of parks and recreation information.

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