Panel 45min

Vector Rendering

Vector based rendering of OpenStreetMap data on mobile devices has made huge leaps in the past few years, with several open source projects now providing this functionality - catching up to and arguably exceeding the quality of proprietary platforms in some areas.

But even backed by standards such as OpenGL, differences in hardware platforms and their SDKs make developing cross platform libraries for OpenStreetMap rendering a challenge. This panel will bring together developers from several open source OpenStreetMap rendering projects to discuss different approaches to topics such as: the balance between server side and client side processing, vector tiles and levels of detail, styling capabilities and formats, text and label rendering, and when to write platform specific vs. shared platform agnostic code.

Between the panelists, platforms covered power OpenStreetMap maps on Android, iOS, web browsers, and even the Raspberry Pi.

Moderator: Mike Migurski, Code for America


  • Matt Blair, Tangram
  • Konstantin K√§fer, Mapbox GL
  • Steve Gifford, WhirlyGlobe Maply
  • Hannes Janetzek, OpenScienceMap

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