Alex Barth 30min

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Mapbox Quality Assurance

At Mapbox we are building up a data team to continuously improve OpenStreetMap data. Currently a team of 20 updates the map from satellite imagery and fresh government data, fixes connectivity issues, processes traffic data to find errors on the map, detects missing geometries through imagery analysis, adds buildings like in San Francisco and New York, applies end user map feedback and builds open source micro tasking tools to work more efficiently.

We see our work entirely complementary to the amazing work the community is already doing and we’re working actively to be a great OpenStreetMap citizen with measures like our open team guidelines and building our productivity tools as open source.

We’re striving to meet highest standards and we’re also just getting started. Few organization are doing sustained coordinated mapping work on OpenStreetMap currently but as the project gains traction, we will see more organizations mapping professionally. I’ll share our experience at Mapbox ramping up our team on OpenStreetMap data work and I’d like to open for discussion what could be improved and where we can support community better through our data work.

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