Courtney Clark 30min

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Innovation fellow Peace Corps humanitarian

The Peace Corps is leveraging the energy, creativity and local knowledge of our 6,800 Volunteers and their host communities in 65 countries around the world to contribute to OpenStreetMap in unique ways. We would like to share our lessons learned and current practices with the larger OpenStreetMap community.

Our presentation will highlight Volunteers who train their local communities in OpenStreetMap in countries from Botswana to Nicaragua; Volunteers who are using OpenStreetMap and their local geographic knowledge to implement rigorous, data driven projects in fields ranging from malaria and HIV prevention to invasive fish species monitoring; Returned Peace Corps Volunteers who mobilize remote mappers to map their former host countries in moments of crisis, such as the Ebola epidemic and Tropical Cyclone Pam in Vanuatu; our crowdsourcing efforts for Volunteer mapping tasks in the HOT task manager; and a pilot project to engage middle and high school students in the DC, Virginia and Maryland areas in OSM. Students map Peace Corps HOT tasks while learning about the role of GIS in international development and connecting via video chat with the current Peace Corps Volunteers whose communities they are mapping.

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