Beth Schechter & Lyzi Diamond 30min

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Education & Outreach Manager Stamen Design & Mapbox education

Maptime! Lessons from building an Educational Open Source Community

by Beth Schechter & Lyzi Diamond

Maptime is quite literally time for making maps. These days it’s actually many times, in many places: what started as a small meeting in San Francisco is now a global movement of more than 40 community groups spanning ten time zones. All are full of beginners working together on hands on map projects and tutorials.

This rapid growth has been surprising and awesome! But how did all this happen? What have we done well, and where have we struggled? What’s happening next? And how can you get involved in this revolutionary movement?

This talk from two of the program’s founders will outline goals of the Maptime experiment, its successes and failures to date, and our plans for the future. Come learn about building inclusive community, get excited about our Summit following the State of the Map US … and maybe even leave with some awesome rainbow stickers.

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