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Minh Nguyễn 30min

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A massive import of 2005 TIGER/Line data in 2007–08 got OpenStreetMap a lot closer to full U.S. coverage, but it also revealed how far we were from that goal. The messy TIGER import is often cited for discouraging the growth of local mapping communities in the U.S., resulting in vast deserts of unimproved data. Prospective mappers with prized local knowledge are turned off by a correction process that requires patience and skill. Fortunately, we can help these mappers overcome the daunting experience of discovering and adopting a TIGER desert.

This talk proposes strategies for enlisting local participation in TIGER fixup work. Mapping specific large scale features helps to break up the monotony of unimproved TIGER data. Seeding TIGER deserts with highly visible micromapping can lay the groundwork for regions of high detail and quality. We can prioritize features that render prominently in stylesheets such as OpenStreetMap Carto yet do not commonly appear in commercial maps.

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