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Governments value OpenStreetMap data. It is the base map data in crisis, like the Ebola response; and everyday to locate services, like hiking trails. As governments deepen their experience, the culture of OpenStreetMap seeps into practice. This transforms relationships with the public, and within institutions, all while creating the best map in the entire world.

What’s promising goes beyond a laundry list of cool OpenStreetMap work in government. New opportunities arise when we collaborate together in our work, just like we map together. Last year, agencies pooled resources and guidance to redevelop the HOT tasking manager. This year we OpenStreetMap Institutions (State Department, USAID, Peace Corps, American Red Cross, World Bank and more) have started gathering regularly, talking about common needs, and not just talking. We’ve been collaborating on tracing guides, with great design. We’ve shared expertise and ideas to develop mapping projects, imagery services and co organized events. We’re pooling strategic communications to make the case for OpenStreetMap across government.

We want to expand this lightweight, hands-on partnership to Geneva, Monrovia, London, and Manila at State of the Map US.

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