UN Orientation Guide

We're thrilled that you'll be soon be joining us at the spectacular United Nations in New York City for State of the Map US 2015! Soon you’ll be with other map loving, open data consuming-and-producing folks! Get ready. Here is some information that will help you plan your trip.

Entering the UN

State of the Map US attendees will enter the United Nations Campus at 46th St and 1st Avenue.

Gates open at 7:30am. UN guest security passes will be distributed on the sidewalk at 1st Avenue and 46th Street. You will need this pass to enter the Security Area. You must wear these passes on both days of the conference.

Do not lose this pass! You need a photo ID to enter the UN.

The UN’s Security Protocols are like boarding an airplane: you can enter the UN with a “personal item” such as a purse, small backpack or briefcase (but no carry-on).

You will be denied entry if you have a large backpack or luggage.

Yes No
✔ Briefcase, purses and small backpacks ✖ Large backpacks, luggage
✔ Laptop, tablets, phones, graphing calculators ✖ Liquids, including bottled water
✔ Lotions, creams, perfumes ✖ Aerosol bottles & non-aerosol sprays (medical needs are permitted)
✔ Cameras, video cameras, and voice recorders ✖ Food & beverages (lunch and coffee will be served through the day)
  ✖ Mace, pepper spray, guns, knives, stun guns, or pointed objects

There are NO lockers or storage facilities at the UN. If you arrive with something that UN security denies, you will need to return it to your lodging.

Visit http://visit.un.org/content/security for more info.

When you’re in

Here it all begins! Upon entering the UN, proceed to the General Assembly (GA) Lobby. Look for the friendly State of the Map US volunteers to point you in the right direction. You will receive your name badge, program, and will be pointed towards the Conference area

Take a look at Sputnik hanging from the ceiling of the lobby.

Getting to the UN


The nearest subway station is on the 4, 5, 6, and 7 trains at Grand Central-42 St Station. Exit the subway station and walk east to 1st Avenue and 46th St.


The nearest bus lines are the M42, travelling east and west on 42nd Street and the M15, travelling uptown on 1st Avenue and downtown on Second Avenue. Both make stops close to the UN.


There are several parking garages nearby to the UN. Icon Parking offers a discount for UN visitors.


There are also 3 Citi Bike bike share stations near to the UN. Check the app to ensure that there are available docks to park your bike. Personal bikes.