Peter Miller 30min

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How can we learn from Wikipedia’s use of software services for the identification and fixing of content issues, identification of problematic edits and the development of a high quality consistent content generally?

As a contributor to Wikipedia I am familiar and comfortable with the various bots and services that improve formatting, correct simple errors and highlight problematic content; also with the various dispute resolution processes used when content or behaviour issues arise between contributors. By contrast, software services that may result in changes to the database are treated with far greater caution, bordering on hostility at times within the OpenStreetMap community.

In this talk I will explore the inevitable tension between conformity and individual freedom in any collaborative project, and compare the tools and processes used to create content guidelines and improve content within Wikipedia and OpenStreetMap.

In conclusion I highlight some resolvable content issues in OpenStreetMap, and make some personal recommendations about how we could make better use to bots and software services before leaving good time for a discussion.

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