Kathleen Danielson 30min

Twitter OpenStreetMap
Mapzen, OSMF community

Open source has a diversity problem, and OpenStreetMap is no exception. In this talk I will not focus on proving that there is a problem; instead, I will provide concrete action items that we as a community can implement to help debug this issue. From the smallest local level to the national scale and even (or perhaps especially) internationally from the OpenStreetMap Foundation there is much the OpenStreetMap community can do to ensure that our community reflects the world we’re mapping.

I will share examples from other open communities that have successfully promoted diversity initiatives and share ideas for how we can apply their lessons to the OpenStreetMap community. I will also talk about the work that is already happening in OpenStreetMap and pitch a few ideas for ways to extend them.

My goal is to show you that while improving diversity is a big challenge there are a lot of things that we can do to start moving in the right direction today.

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