Grant Slater 30min

OpenStreetMap Foundation OpenStreetMap Organization

The Operations Working Group are the volunteers who look after all the OpenStreetMap Foundation servers, organizing what they do and where they go, and what we need to keep OpenStreetMap running smoothly.

Although we’re a low profile group, there’s lots of interesting and important things going on behind the scenes. In this talk Grant will take you through what’s been happening over the last year as we continue to scale up, what projects we have planned and how you can get involved.

This is a technical, but approachable talk on how the operations team runs and other core services.

  • How’s infrastructure has grown over the last few years, from humble beginnings.
  • How we the small ops team manage and test the infrastructure.
  • Looking ahead and keeping up with the project’s phenomenal growth.
  • How you can get involved.

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