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Olaf Veerman 30min

Twitter OpenStreetMap
Development Seed osm as software

We will discuss our experiences deploying a walled garden OpenStreetMap software stack.

Governments, NGOs, and companies have a lot of great road and POI data. For legal or policy reasons it may not be possible to manage this data in OpenStreetMap. But what if they could run their own version of OpenStreetMap? The tools that drive OpenStreetMap are tested and optimized for managing large amounts of infrastructure data. Should governments use these tools as well?

We believe it would be a good thing if more governments ran OpenStreetMap software. More governments means more users with an incentive to maintain the OpenStreetMap software ecosystem. It makes it easier for these institutions to share their data with OpenStreetMap and makes OpenStreetMap more familiar to them.

The Government of the Philippines and the World Bank are investing in an OpenStreetMap ecosystem of tools to manage data on the Philippine road network. We will walk through how we’ve worked with the OpenRoads project to design, develop, and deploy OpenStreetMap as a platform. We’ll share our experience and our suggestions for how other institutions can realize OpenStreetMap as a platform.

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